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Beloved Community Charlotte

 a community of faith seeking to live the radical way of Jesus in Charlotte, NC.

Hi, I’m Helms Jarrell. I’m the pastor here at Beloved Community Charlotte. These days, we meet in this school at the Ophelia Garmon Brown Community Center. A school makes sense - our congregation are all here to learn together and we are all of us teachers and students.


Our worship is tethered in tradition, but fully embraces the wildness of God. That means we celebrate the sacred rituals we’ve known since we were children, but it also means we are always expanding our imaginations to include new ways of building relationship with God and each other. 


We’ve made some promises to each other. We’ve all agreed to care for one another to the best of our abilities. We’ve pledged to honor the unique talents and identities of every member and we pride ourselves on our inclusiveness. We are all, in one way or another, struggling towards justice and helping each other along on that journey. 


You’re very welcome to come join us. We always have snacks to share and children are invited to play and worship however they’d like. 

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